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Welcome to the Desciples of Faith Webpage!

The Desciples of Faith was originally created a few years ago by a few close friends, Direclaw, Vmetal and Konstance, the later two sadly no longer are around.  We originally created Desciples as a guild to actually help each other progress and help build friendships between fellow players.  As time went by, DoF began to grow. People came and went but the same core members were still there.  About a year after the creation we hit a major problem. Direclaw had hit 60 (Vanilla WoW, folks) and everybody else was still in the mid 40's.  So Dire was stuck progression wise. At that point he made the decision to leave the DoF in search of one that could help him progress in endgame content, eventually joining Nex Addo. Little did he know what a giant impact that would have on the little guild.  As Dire progressed further and further into the endgame content as a part of nex addo,  DoF was slowly falling apart. The core members stopped playing, people cancled their accounts and eventually the guild was disbanded all together.  In a way this is his way of honoring the memory of  good friends no longer around. So on came the job of resurrecting DoF and trying to let people experience what a real guild should truly be about; Friendship, Dependability, Honor, and to simply have fun!  

At its core, DoF still stands with what Direclaw set out to do, since Vanilla and Burning Crusade to the latest two expanions (WotLK and Cata), we still stand as a family first.

DoF is Growing steadily so please be patient as we grow and good things will come our main focus for right now will be :
1.  Getting yourself geared for endgame 
2. Continue progression in Raiding.  
3.  To support team members of all lvls 
4. kill as many horde as possible :)   
Other Guild News

Like a Phoenix we rise from the ashes

DireClaw, Aug 22, 13 10:52 PM.
Well its been a while about a year and a half now and so much has happened where do i start. First of all wow its good to be back. Secondly i apologize for my time away after 7 and a half years of running DoF i needed a break hell anybody would lol. Took some time away and actually was thinking i was comletley done with wow then the old friends and faces popped back up again and everybody knows me i just cant stay away from my family for too long lol. once again i apologize for my time away but it was much needed. Well here is the spew DoF is in about the same spot myself and the other vets left it in when we left its pretty much a casual do your own thing with only 2-3 people on max at the same time. This is gonna change LOL. i got peoples comming back some transferring servers and such so give us a lil bit of time and we will be back into the swing of things. Ill be trying my best to get us back up to where we were before in our prime we were one of the top 10 raiding guilds of the server (BC, cata, lich). yeah yeah yeah i hear the complaints but its a low pop server everybody transfered to sargares. Well honestly i dont give a damn and here next month the server merges will begin thus adding more pop. We will rise from our ashes once again in true DoF fasion(for the 7th time) lol. lets have a blast all and GAME ON!

New changes ahead?

GC512, Aug 22, 13 10:47 PM.
Howdy folks, Nelg here with some exciting news!

Just in case anyone checks over here from the Facebook site, there has been a recently influx of activity in the DoF relm. Fresh blood, new events, vets returning. At least, some. (I'm still not playing WoW, but like to keep in touch with you dildos.)

So as far as news? The guild is active again! Yay!

And there is even talk of... Stay tuned! 

-Nelg, the PyroEMT

Update from Nelgypoo

GC512, Feb 8, 12 4:15 PM.
Just wanted to say that Dire has placed Dabura in charge. Now maybe the site can get more use. A lot of us vets just got burnt out of WoW and have moved over to Star Wars: The Old Republic. We are kind of spread out, but I think most went over to Dark Iron Citidel (Someone correct me please) where I rolled on Shien as a Republic Trooper. (Yes, if you look, that's an RP server. I like RP :D )

So yeah, theres an update that's more recent. Dire be slackin'

New update

DireClaw, Jul 10, 11 11:06 PM.
Hey all! it be big D again with another update. The past couple weeks have been good to DoF we have picked up raiding extreamly with downing all the pre-firelands content except for nefarian and al'kir! We have picked up a few new members again some faces yall recognize from our raids decided to make the switch and fly the dof flag. we also have picked up a couple fresh faces as well. Lets keep moral high and start focusing on downing heroic content and firelands content as well! GO GO DOF!!!!!!!!!
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